I actually love how people who don’t know me seem to be frightened by me. It makes me feel powerful. I honestly don’t get why they would be though, sure, I’m a bit quiet, asocial, sure I have a strong sence of right and wrong, sure… I do have severe homicidal thoughts and sure, I probably hate them but still… it’s just funny to me. The people who DO know me only find me scary when I get mad lol. Apperantly, it’s like I grow 10 feet taller and get that psycho-serialkiller-look in my eyes hahaha

I’d care if the person I reblogged this from committed suicide.

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Charles Manson as a baby.


I’m just going to only blog this every day.

may i cry

I can’t. I just fucking can’t.

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"Crazy, strange, weird, wild, these words are not bad or degrading."

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