I am not anti-social, I am selectively social. 

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15 years since Columbine and I’m here making this picture, as if just one big picture could describe the contradictory feelings and interest I have towards this school shooting. As if this were just a school shooting… This is more than just two kids with guns, more than violent videogames, alternative music and angry kids. There is more behind the fifteen victims and the tragedy itself. Columbine has a whole meaning some people can’t see, and other meaning only oneself can give it or get from.

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I’d care if the person I reblogged this from committed suicide.

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Charles Manson as a baby.


I’m just going to only blog this every day.

may i cry

I can’t. I just fucking can’t.

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"Crazy, strange, weird, wild, these words are not bad or degrading."

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